Male, 43 - Single, Never Married
Little Rock, AR
5'7" (170 cm)
Body Type:
At home
Masters Degree
History and Archaeology
Archives Technician
About Me
To be perfectly honest, Iíve never been in a relationship either short term or long term in my entire life because Iíve been extremely introverted and shy most of my life and Iíve never found the right person to be with. I spent my time focusing on my education and my career, and not having much of a social life. However, Iím now getting to a point in my life when I want to find my soulmate. Someone that I can have an intellectual conversation with, laugh with, share interests with, and share my innermost thoughts with. Iím looking for someone who I can be in a long term relationship with, which could hopefully lead to marriage and a family.

I'm originally from Mt. Prospect, Illinois, currently live and work in Little Rock, Arkansas, and would eventually love to settle down in the Phoenix/Tempe region of Arizona.

I'm a cultural individual and enjoy museums, movies, the theater, the symphony, the opera, magic shows, and comedy clubs. I enjoy staying in and watching a good tv show or movie on dvd. I enjoy reading a good book and having stimulating conversation. I like taking long walks in a park or town rather than hikes in the woods, and I'm not much for sports. I do, however, enjoy bowling and roller skating; and occasionally enjoy watching a baseball, basketball, or soccer game. I also enjoy playing miniature golf. I am also not much for camping.

As mentioned above, I am an introverted and shy guy. However, Iím also confident, honest, independent, funny, intelligent, and kind-hearted. I hate conflict and Iím a great listener. I'm also in touch with my emotions, practical, optimistic, creative, caring, analytical, and very detail-oriented.

I have one younger sister and 2 great nephews. I try to visit them and my parents when I go home to Mount Prospect as often as I can.

I currently hold a Masters degree in History and Historical Archaeology. Thus, education is extremely important in my life as well. I'm currently an archives technician and love my job; but would eventually love to go back to school, gain my PhD in Public History and North American Studies, and become a University History Professor.

I have a great sense of humor and enjoy doing impressions and various accents. I would love to get into voiceover work someday. I love to write, and am currently trying to turn my master's thesis into a book and am also trying to write a fictional novel. Thus, creativity is very important to me.

I enjoy reading history books, as well as historical fiction novels, fantasies, mysteries, and the classics. I love watching the following types of movies: action-adventure; fantasy; science-ficition; psychological/crime thrillers; biographical, inspirational, and historical dramas; animated films, musicals, and intelligent or slapstick comedies. I also love watching various television shows from the classic shows of the 50s-90s to news programs, documentaries, and some talent oriented reality shows, many different types of drams from today. I love listening to the following music the most: jazz, blues, classical/opera, oldies (i.e., 40s to 80s music), some modern pop (depending on the artist/song), some modern rock (depending on the artist/song and provided it's not heavy metal or hard rock), klezmer music, and Latin music. Finally, in my spare time, I also enjoy working on my family history.

Marriage & Children
Funny, Intelligent, Introverted, Laid-back, Loyal, Optimistic, Quiet, Shy, Witty
Art Appreciation, Board Games, Card Games, Intimate Conversation, Movies, Museums, Music Listening, Puzzles/Crossword/Sudoku, Reading, Television
Roller Blading/Skating, Theater, Walking
I like the following pets
Bird, Dog, Fish
Blues, Classic Rock, Classical, Jazz, Klezmer, Operas, Pop, R and B, Rock, Soul, World Music
American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese/Sushi, Jewish Style, Mexican, Pizza

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