Male, 61 - Divorced
Racine, WI
Bald or Shaved
5'8" (172 cm)
185 lbs (83 kg)
Body Type:
A few extra pounds
Not at all
Associates Degree
Field Service Engineer
$80,000 - $120,000
About Me
Apparently the lost "luv" child of James Brown and Dr. Ruth! Philisophical, Enlightened, and first one on the dance floor! Christopher Columbus, King Solomon, James Brown, McGiver, and Inspector Clouseau all in one FUN, intellectual and semi - worldy MAN

Looking for a woman of all seasons, who is bright, charming and has really low standards and not much desire to resist temptation! Girls with particularly low virtue...........go to the head of the line!

Classic example of polite, well mannered and old fashion integrity, fused with charm, wit, and an optomistic attitude
The ideal woman friend will understand that people are best when they are secure within themselves. You don't need another person to be complete or completed, .....Rather your life is enhanced by someone who respects who you are, and yet can teach you and learn from you. I know who I am, and although comfortable in that, I am always open to self improvement. Rhetorical insults and sarcastic critiques of me personally are accepted gracefully........but graded harshly. So, please have your satirical commentary well in order before engaging in a loving attempt to fix me! Which is of course possible........but not , probable! I do travel worldwide, for the time being, so as much as I do want a "significant" other, I am considering my endeavors here to be "dating". I am loyal and trustworthy....My goal is a signficant other LTR.......leading where ever it leads.
I think that is fair.

A man of a most diverse collection of interests and abilities.
"No interest in" Sports, Hunting, beer drinking, farting for sport, chewing tabacco, fishing, or investmentment banking, Golf, Nascar, fishing, or sitting on the couch for more than a movie, wine tasting........its just a beverage (lets not raise this to the level of intellectual tastes either good or bad to you!.....end of story). I'm sick of hearing about its woody, fruity or beige characteristics.........what a load of manure.........drink your dam wine and swallow it for god sakes!

Interests include, travel new places far and near, discussions on a plethera of subjects, photographing of wonderful scenic places, motorcycling, car road trips!
As my alter ego,"Sir Funk-a-Lot".............I love to dance, I am passionate about dancing ......always have been! Are you a dancer? "I don't want to sit down , I want to git down" I enjoy all kinds of night club dance music, Latin, R&B, Blues ,and most (anything danceable or funky!)I also have some ability in the realm of ballroom dancing...... I do enjoy the waltz, foxtrot, Latin and swing. I hope to take more lessons....

I also enjoy bicycling along park trails, hiking to scenic vistas .
I travel to various parts of the country often to explore waterfalls, mountains, historical and beautiful places, and oh yea, I have a fascinating career as well! I also love weekend trips local to museums, Botanic gardens, Jazz concerts......I also love an engaging dialogue on topics of deep and meaningful current events and life in general. I am a good conversationalist.... My interests range from psychology, philosophy, spirituality, science and even a little politics and current events. My sense of humor is spontaneous and I enjoy looking at the funny side of my life. Usually, I can find the ironic or comical side in anything.

I am an androgenis person.....balanced, beauty and intellectual aspects are important to me. I like theater, and look forward to occasionally going to romantic comedies, biographical productions and even an occasional drama.........."as long as its not in my own life....." LOL
I am a huge fan of the Renaissance Fare, and travel to a few as often as I can.........."Come with thee to the Shire".......

The best fun "I believe" is the spontaneous joy that we find in our own foibles and frailties. I look forward to witty repartee...........even if its targeted at me! I can take..........C'mon make fun of me .......
A Relationship, Friendship
Intelligent, Introverted, Loyal, Outgoing
Concerts, Intimate Conversation, Movies, Museums, Nightclubs
Boating/Sailing, Cycling, Photography
Blues, Classical, R and B, Soul
Indian, Japanese/Sushi
German, Japanese

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