Female, 32 - Single, Never Married
Morganville, NJ
Dirty Blonde
5'8" (172 cm)
Body Type:
Not at all
Associates Degree
Public Relations
receptioning at a medical day
About Me
dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'9" im russian..I'm outgoing. my life is music, and music is my life. i dream of love. the one thing i hope to get out of life doesnt include fame or fortune.. i just want to find someone to spend my life with. someone i can relate to. im a very random person. i like everything. im not picky. im indecisive, meaning if u ask me where i want to go eat, your gonna have to pick cuz i cant pick haha. i love mellow conversations. i love to laugh. im a comedian all on my own. i can take a tragedy and flip your frown upside down (ok that was gay but everyone has their moments.) i love the water. im the type of person who can sit at the beach and just watch the waves hit the shore and not be bored. i love serenity. i love helping pple. i love reading. i try to challenge myself by reading in russian. i've read the actual War and Peace in the origional context in russian. i plan on starting Pride and Prejudice. i like sports. i rather play than watch, but i've gotten into the world cup. i like soft kisses. im a hopeless romantic. i love being held. kisses on the forehead. i like being spoken to in a language i dont understand. i love adventure. i absolutly love rollercoasters. movies are awsome. my passion is writting. i like to doodle but im no artist. i love walks in the rain. i love being goofy. i love just chilling out at someones backyard, and talking till all hours of the night. i love bbq's with lots of friends and good company. drugs and alcohol are not needed if ur with the right pple. im russian therefor i enjoy the goose. im spoiled, but very greatful about the things i recieve. im old fashioned. i believe the man takes care of the woman, and the woman takes care of the house, although i will have a career. im very into my family. they are my life. my friends. i would die for the people i love. i would give the shirt off my back to the ones i love. i would give my last penny to help them. im very traditional. i love norah jones. her music is beautiful and has meaning. i love ol' blue eyes (if u dont know who that is, look it up). i love to dance. i love to sing (although i cant) i live my life to please others before i please myself. my day is only complete if i can make at least one person smile. i love all types of music. spanish, russian, israeli, polish. im very much into my heritage. i love making fun of my parents accents and i've mastered it. i was born in brooklyn, ny. but i consider myself russian because of how i was brought up.
A Date, A Relationship, Friendship, Marriage, Marriage & Children
Funny, Intelligent, Laid-back, Loyal, Outgoing, Sarcastic, Witty
Board Games, Card Games, Cooking/Baking, Hanging out with friends, Intimate Conversation, Model Building, Movies, Museums, Music Listening, Music Playing/Singing, Nightclubs, Partying, Reading
Basketball, Boating/Sailing, Photography, Roller Blading/Skating, Scuba Diving, Snow Skiing, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis/Racquet Sports
I like the following pets
Cat, Dog
I have the following pets
Alternative/Modern Rock, Blues, Classic Rock, Jazz, Pop, R and B, Rock, Soul, Techno/House, World Music
Chinese, Deli, Italian, Japanese/Sushi, Jewish Style, Middle Eastern, Pizza, Seafood
English, Hebrew, Russian, Yiddish

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