Frequently Asked Questions

What is my hot list and mutual match list?

On your Hot List is a private list of the people on the site that you think are HOT.  Add those who you are considering writing to so you can find them easily, they won't know that they are on your list.  There is one caveat.  If you hot list someone who has you on their Hot List we are going to tell.  This is where your mutual matches come in to play.  If you are on each others Hot Lists it's a mutual match and we'll email you both about it.  When this happens we suggest you go ahead and email the other person, what do you have to lose you already know you are interested in each other!  Use your hot list to increase your chances of a mutual match.

What are winks?

When you wink at someone we send them an email to let them know someone winked at them and then you are added to their list of people who have winked at them.  There are no cheesy lines here just a subtle wink from across the room to let them know you are interested.  Hopefully this will spark some conversation and get things going.  Good luck.  ;)

What exactly does mean?  I've seen it on profiles I know are not new.

We use to note a profile that has either been added or has updated either the essays or photos within the last 7 days. 

I've met someone or would like to suspend my membership, how do I do this?

Click home from the upper menu and then select the link Membership/Profile Settings from the right side menu.  From this screen you may select to suspend your membership.  There is also a place for your feedback which we'd greatly appreciate to help us improve the site for other Jewish singles.

How do I change my screen name?

Changing your screen name can only be done by Customer Service.  If you'd like to have your screen name changed please make sure you are logged in and then use the contact us link at the bottom of the page.  Include in this contact the name you'd like us to change your screen name to and we will take care of it and notify you of the change.

I received an email but in my inbox it just says "Basic Membership Level Email", what does this mean?

This is an actual email from a member who is anxiously awaiting your reply but they are not an Open Communication level member.  Open Communication members have paid a little extra (still less than 1/2 of most other sites) to be able to have open communications with anyone on the site.  Emails from other members (Basic) require that you upgrade to at least Basic level membership to be able to read it.  We recommend Open Communication but realize people want a choice and it's important to some members to know those they are communicating with are also pay members and to that end we offer our Basic membership.  Once you do upgrade you'll not only be able to read this email, you'll be able to send email to anyone on the site and use our IM (Instant Messaging)!  Not only will you now have access to all of these additional features you'll be supporting a Jewish owned Jewish singles site and helping us advertise and grow the site to bring in more potential matches