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55 Male, Divorced
Atlanta, GA (0 Miles)
6'2" (187 cm)
200 lbs (90 kg)
Body Type:
Not at all
Bachelors Degree
$40,001 - $80,000
A Date, A Relationship, Friendship, Marriage, Marriage & Children
About Me
About me, huh? Well, I have been in Atlanta since 1991, and work as a professional actor. I know... WHAT? Most people ask why I don't move to NY or LA. I tried LA in 1995, and lasted a summer. I didn't think that it would be worth the sacrifice (living in LA is HARD and the people are generally desperate and UNHAPPY). So, I moved back to ATL and am a mainstay in the theatre community as well as a regular in commercials, training films, etc. I am currently pursuing a job teaching kids acting, and am SO excited about the opportunity! I have been an independent contractor for 14 years, so the idea of stability appeals to me GREATLY at this point in my life. I also never want to lose my identity as an artist, and this kind of job affords me that luxury. So, yes, I am a working artist. That is, though, only a part of my identity. I am also a humaitarian. I care deeply about people. I am a peace-maker. I despise the idea of war and violence. I specialize in comedy, probably because I love to make people laugh (and love to laugh myself)! There is tremendous healing power in laughter, and comedy is usually an expression of some difficult truth to swallow. The fear of sickness or death is often calmed by laughing... the absurdity of life must be appreciated in order to experience the awesome beauty of life. While I can wax philosophical (blah-blah-blah) on a variety of spiritual and artistic topics, I can also be base, banal, childish and vulgar. I love "The Family Guy" and am totally ashamed to say I am intrigued by "Deal or No Deal." I am a Coen Brothers fan, Wes Anderson fan, and cry pretty easily during movies, plays and TV. I love music and am a singer, bass guitarist, drummer, trumpet player... I adore XM satellite and tend to listen to channel 76, which plays Genesis one minute and Strauss the next. I don't have pets right now, but I love cats and dogs and I am a soft hearted guy when it comes to kids and the elderly. I am the kind of guy who will end up talking to the oldest person in the room because I have so much fondnest and respect for older people. I like activities, but I admit I like to be DRAGGED out to do stuff. I tend to be a little shy, and when I am by myself, read and piddle a day away. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE outdoor activities... I go white water rafting with a group of guys every year and have the best time! I just need a little help getting out there sometimes. Hmmm... what does that say about me? Obviously, I am verbose and verbal! I was an english major and a film double major in college, so language and the arts are vitally important to me. My favorite writers are: John Irving (fiction) and David McCollough (non-fiction). Right now I am reading abook about the war of 1812 (which I knew NOTHING about) and trying to get through John Irving's latest ("Until I Find You"). I love my new DirecTV with TIVO, especially becsue it allowed me to watch every single minute of the NCAA men's basketball tournament so far. YES! Oh, I don't drink alcohol (I have an allergy) and I don't do drugs or smoke. I work out 5 times a week when I am in the flow and eat healthy food! I own a house in East Atlanta. I dislike traffic jams and love coffee! Okay, enough about me...
A Date, A Relationship, Friendship, Marriage, Marriage & Children
Funny, Intelligent, Loyal, Optimistic, Outgoing, Witty
Art Appreciation, Board Games, Concerts, Cooking/Baking, Hanging out with friends, Intimate Conversation, Movies, Museums, Music Listening, Music Playing/Singing, Reading, Television
Basketball, Jogging/Running, Tennis, Theater, Travel, Working out
I like the following pets
Cat, Dog
Alternative/Modern Rock, Blues, Classic Rock, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Soul, World Music
Indian, Japanese/Sushi, Thai, Vegetarian
Who I'm looking for
I am looking for a friend and lover, someone with whom I can be myself completely. I am looking to form a passionate friendship: mutual attraction, sensuality, excitement, stability, honesty, compassion, teamwork, laughter, love! Is that so wrong?

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