Female, 39 - Single, Never Married
Hollywood, SC
5'1" (154 cm)
Body Type:
At home
Masters Degree
Underwater Archaeology
Offshore Deep Sea Diver
$40,001 - $80,000
About Me
Oh boy...not sure where to start on this one! I am a very outgoing person, and I love making new friends and talking to people. When I am at a party, I am the one who finds the quiet person in the corner, plops down beside them, and starts talking. I am very much an optimist, and I believe that nothing is for free, and anything worth having is also worth working hard for.

Lets see...work. I am an offshore deep sea diver, so I am gone a lot of the time. I absolutely love what I do and I wouldnt trade it for the world! I love recreational diving, too, although I'll admit that I havent gone since I started working as a diver! (btw...I'm looking for a dive buddy who lives in SC...anyone like fossil hunting?). My first passion is with my previous job, though...underwater archaeology. Love it, miss it...too bad it pays minimum wage! I work for a company based in Louisiana, so I travel a LOT across the southern states. Oh yes, I should mention...I have a SERIOUS case of gypsy feet...I can hardly stay in one place for more than 6 months. I have traveled and worked EVERYWHERE...Spain, Canada, Wales, Holland, Denmark, Cameroon, Nigeria, Italy, Switzerland...not to mention lived in England and Israel for a few years. Right now I'm about to buy a RV and move into it....see if that doesnt pacify my restless spirit at least some...if I ever get bored, just pick up and move to another state!

My hometown is in Charleston, SC. I have a house and family in SC, and I go down there once a month or so to see them. I am VERY close to my family...my sister and my aunt are my best friends. They are the entire reason that I moved back to the states, and I miss them very much when I am on the boat.

Oh what else...I guess this is where I start rambling and just write a bunch of random junk...I have a small house that was built in the 1920's that I am renovating myself...so I like working with my hands and building stuff. I know how to change my brakes and a starter, and I can weld underwater blindfolded (now there's not something that you see most chicks doing!). I work a very "guy" job and I smell like diesel and exhaust fumes at the end of each day, but when I am back on land, I am the ultimate girl...heels, makeup, and a taste for good red wine. I have a cat named Simba...he is the coolest cat in the world and thinks that he is a dog. I'm supposed to wear eyeglasses but lost them five months ago and havent bought new ones...I have become the driver that everyone hates, driving up the ass of whoever is in front of me just so that I know where the road is. The best food combination is the hottest hot wings that your little taste buds can handle, followed by an ice cream sandwich. If you havent tried it, try it, you'll thank me later. I like cooking and consider myself a pretty darn good cook...I dont like to cook American because it is too boring...I prefer Italian, Indian, and Mediterranean, and like any good Jewish girl, I can make matzo ball soup that'll knock your socks off. Guess I should also mention that I am true G.R.I.T.S...that's Girl Raised In The South, for you outsiders. Pure redneck girl, though and through, although you'll rarely hear it in my accent. Three years I spent in England, and all it takes is one glass of wine for me to slip back into an English accent. I def plan on living abroad again...I'm in the Gulf right now, which technically doesnt count, but I am eyeballing the Middle East again; I hear there's dive work out there. I do plan on heading back to Englang this summer to visit some friends. Oh yes...I LOVE board games and have about 50 of them. I am very crafty and like to do stuff like crochet, knit, scrapbooks...that kind of thing.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Email me!
A Date, A Relationship, Friendship
Funny, High Energy, Intelligent, Loud, Loyal, Optimistic, Outgoing
Art Appreciation, Board Games, Card Games, Cooking/Baking, Hanging out with friends, Intimate Conversation, Knitting, Model Building, Movies, Museums, Music Listening, Music Playing/Singing, Newspapers, Wood Working
Boating/Sailing, Drawing/Painting, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Travel
I like the following pets
Cat, Dog, Fish
I have the following pets
Classic Rock, Country, R and B, Rock, Soul, Techno/House, World Music
American, Indian, Italian, Jewish Style, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai, Vegetarian
English, Spanish

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