Myles K
Male, 72 - Single, Never Married
Cincinnati, OH
Salt & Pepper
5'8" (172 cm)
149 lbs (67 kg)
Body Type:
Not at all
Associates Degree
psychology /theater
construction/remodeling/and ot
About Me
Be friends with few, be familiar with one...I have several friends that have been friends since elementary school. This amazes me. Never been married. My father and sister are close and we are friends. dad is 87 and has a brother 89 both still kickin we're tough.:).i think i'm funny. I was, yrs ago, an actor and comic, attended Second City, Chicago and Strassberg and H. Berghoff both of NYc.My dad asked me if I was seeing anyone and I said "yes" , "but she doesn't know it yet". oh please, that IS funny!
I fit in comfortably anywhere. You can carry me in your pocket. I have traveled alot, some 21 countries and/or provinces, most of the States. Love to write, love to read, very into movies,into Learning and I'm a doer.Everybody's always telling me what to do so this is no problem. Have been in too many jobs and have always needed direction. Hey you want truth or fluff? But I am a good worker and great communicator,I fix things, was foreman of many remodeling jobs. like to fix up cars too.own 1 motorcycles, 1 sailboat. 1 dog . I've learned to be a good listener and this is a valuable asset.But you'll have to speak up, having trouble hearing lately. Also intuitive, bright, witty and charming in 7 states.Been kicked out of two states and am considered immoral and fattening in ONE. Love to dance, create dinners , enjoy restraunts, good conversation and conversationalists and if you're a good story teller (not just someone who talks a lot) I'll be yours forever. Or at least until Thursday at 6. I believe I'm honest,. loyal and true blue (and white) . Appearance matters. Am grounded. Still allow myself fantasy and aspirations. Love walks, talks, bikes, have a motorcycle for years , this boat thing is new i think i have 2, discussions, learning and I am into researching issues.Yes i'm into issues and answers and not the TV show.I Love the internet. Found out you can do more with it than porn .Yes, kidding again. I have had a lot of good relationships and a few not so good. But they all have ended well. btw, I lived in Miami when it was the place for yids to be. 73-77. I have been a teacher of sorts, having volunteered for a number of years to work with special ed kids. Love volunteer work. Favorite season is fall, fav. color is all. Creative and outgoing enough for two. Live over an art gallery in the city. Not into much game playing 'cept jewish geography, monopoly, cards(poker and gin rummy), and trivial pursuit(s).I sometimes accept life on life's terms but mostly i bitch about it. And I hate getting older.You ,of course, didn't want me to be perfect, did you? Then what would you have to work with?
I think i already see you as my future ex-wife.Can we just go ahead and divide up my stuff?
A Date, A Relationship, Friendship, Marriage
Funny, High Energy, Intelligent, Laid-back, Loyal, Optimistic, Outgoing, Witty
Art Appreciation, Card Games, Concerts, Hanging out with friends, Intimate Conversation, Movies, Museums, Music Listening, Newspapers, Nightclubs, Reading, Surfing the Web, Television, Wood Working
Baseball, Boating/Sailing, Climbing, Cycling, Drawing/Painting, Motorcycling, Photography, Snow Skiing, Swimming, Tennis/Racquet Sports, Theater, Travel, Walking
I like the following pets
Bird, Cat, Dog, Fish
I have the following pets
Alternative/Modern Rock, Blues, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Jazz, Pop, R and B, Reggae, Rock, Soul, Techno/House
American, Chinese, Deli, Indian, Italian, Japanese/Sushi, Jewish Style, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Pizza, Seafood
English, Spanish, Yiddish

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