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55 Female, Divorced
Henderson, NV (0 Miles)
5'6" (167 cm)
Body Type:
Not at all
Masters Degree
Elementary Education -English/
Elementary School Teacher
A Date, A Relationship, Friendship, Marriage, Marriage & Children
About Me
Actually, things in my life are fairly simple. From what I have been told people find me friendly and outgoing. I am warm, caring and loyal. I think it is important to share myself and the things I enjoy with the people who mean the most to me.
Below is something one of my best friends wrote when asked to describe me, maybe it will give some insight.

She's open, both mentally and physically. When you're greeted with her, you get the immediate sense that you can always turn to her for a hug. And you can. She's friendly; quick with a big smile, and her laugh comes from deep within her and is infectious. Her eyes are bright, and when she's in a playful mood, glittering with mischief. They belie her every emotion.

When she feels, she feels fully! be it joy or sadness. She has a depth of emotion that most people don't tap into within themselves, or that they choose to ignore. But she's in tune with her own. She listens to it, and allows her feelings to ride their course.

She's strong. She doesn't think that she is, but I've been by her side through things that would've made most people crumble under the weight. She is human, and has hit weakness, but in the end, she's survived and, in fact, thrived through it all. She turns to people when she truly needs it, as a healthy human being needs to, and when faced with as much adversity as she's been, one needs that support. She uses it, and she uses it well. With each obstacle, she gets a feeling that she won't make it through. But she does.

She's a Daddy's girl, forever. She's an actress and a singer with, understandably, an undying love of the theatre. She harbors a secret (or not-so-secret) desire to be a Broadway actress. She's a teacher who loves her students each and every year like they are all her own, and as they part at the end of the school year, she's torn up inside with having to say good-bye to them. She wants, desperately, to be a mother. And when she is one, she'll make a damn good one. She has more than enough love to give to a child. They'll be lucky to have her.

She has a sensual side that she's just beginning to tap in to. She admires things in other people that she, herself, possesses, but she just hasn't brought those things to the surface yet. She claims to be more like french vanilla, but she's not. There's more there. She's just learning about herself and figuring it all out, that lovely journey that each person has to take to discover themselves fully. I think she's liking what she's finding.

She's on a constant quest for knowledge and experience. She isn't content to exist within a very narrow world. She's traveled and seen people and places that many haven't. She knows people all over the country, and out into the world. She likes to talk, and get to know a person, and once you're her friend, she doesn't let you go. She's forgiving and constant. She stands up for herself after many years of not, and I'm so damn proud of her for that. She has been put through things that most people don't suffer through. She's stood by people that maybe weren't so deserving of her support, but she doesn't give up easily, if ever.

She is like most every woman I know. She wants to be loved. She wants to be cherished. Someone, one day, will stumble across this lovely gem and be so very, very blessed to call her, his. He'll have undying love and a best friend rolled in to one. And should this lucky man mistreat her, he'll have hell to pay.

She is protective of her loved ones. She hates to see anyone hurting, and when someone she cares about is hurting, she feels their pain and seeks to do anything within her power to ease it for them. She's talented, more than she even knows, and far more creative than she gives herself credit for.

She's sister, daughter, teacher, friend. She's goodness and light wrapped up in a saucy package. She's witty and smart and sexy. And she doesn't see as much in herself as the rest of us are lucky enough to see.
A Date, A Relationship, Friendship, Marriage, Marriage & Children
Intelligent, Loyal, Optimistic, Outgoing, Witty
Board Games, Concerts, Hanging out with friends, Movies, Museums, Music Listening, Music Playing/Singing, Reading, Surfing the Web, Television
Baseball, Boating/Sailing, Football, Swimming, Theater, Travel, Walking
I like the following pets
Cat, Fish
Blues, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Jazz, Pop, R and B, Rock, Soul, World Music
American, Chinese, Deli, Indian, Italian, Japanese/Sushi, Jewish Style, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Pizza, Seafood, Thai
Who I'm looking for
I would like him to be funny, sincere, sweet, honest, and know what he wants from a relationship. I would hope he would have varied interests, yet be open to some new ones as well. I would like someone who is romantic. Someone who knows what it means to truly care about someone else.
I think I want what most people want. A stable, loving relationship. I want a family, and I want to feel secure. I think it is important to be able to share each others lives while still being an individual. We should be able to talk about problems and work through them while still knowing that everyone has their own perception of a situation. Romance, kindness... the moon and the stars?? Hey a girl can dream.

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